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August 18, 2021 |

WATCH: August 13 Whitsunday Weekly E-News



Hi, I’m Annette Neil from PRD Whitsunday, with this week’s update.

PRD has launched the Australian economic and property report for 2021.

It’s lengthy, so for those that would like to have a look and enjoy this economic talk, it is attached to this weekly update.This is a really, really in-depth and very important report.

I’m going to be sharing a few little tid bits from this report over the next couple of weeks for those who would rather not read all of that information.

Over the last 12 months, we have seen loan commitments soar.

The number of loans being taken out and the volume of the dollar value has increased substantially.

Why is that!?

There is a little bit more money around in some circumstances with all of the government stimuli that are flowing through

We are see record-low interest rates.

People are not going on overseas holidays, so they’re spending that money perhaps on property instead. Also, some grants are out there for the building which have put a massive push on first-time buyers in particular. First-time home buyers seeking loans will see that debt levels have increased in the last 12 months. The average debt level was 1.1 for first home buyers and 2.6 for all other loans that are coming through

Now in Queensland, who wouldn’t want to live here!?The Whitsundays is beautiful, so QLD is seeing the biggest population growth of any state in Australia again.

We also had that the year before, so we are certainly seeing a trend of people moving away from the capital cities and the southern coast states that have been having the big lockdowns.
So there is a massive influx of people moving to QLD. Why wouldn’t you want to live here?

If we can help you plan to live here, just give us a call.

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