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April 13, 2021 |

Whitsunday Coast Airport is planning to expand its gateway to overseas markets.

There is a possibility that the Whitsundays will able to expand their international services faster and of higher quality if the proposed airport linkage between the Whitsunday and Toowoomba takes off.

There are plans behind the scene in securing flights between Wellcamp Airport and Whitsunday Coast Airport, which would deliver transportation straight to Toowoomba’s export hub, and it can also give travellers another option for flying into the Whitsundays.

Whitsunday Regional Council’s aviation and tourism CEO Craig Turner stated plans and ways in regards to expanding international freights

Passengers can potentially have access to travel on planes to and from both destinations.
If this plan does push through and Whitsunday Coast Airport, flights can have the ability to connect to the 3 Asian routes that Wellcamp currently operates each week – 2 in Hong Kong and 1 in Singapore.

With this, produce could also be transited from Hong Kong and Singapore to two other huge markets – Europe and America.

“What we propose to do, rather than taking 24 hours to get to Brisbane, it could go 45 minutes to us at Whitsunday Coast Airport and then it could be at the Wellcamp export hub in an hour and 20 minutes,” Mr. Turner said.
“It is going to allow efficiencies to deliver high value produce directly to a consumer that is happy to pay high prices for good produce,” he said.
“It takes away time and it looks after the produce that they have worked on and ensures it is in great condition.”

Mr. Turner stated that December 2020’s performance of Twenty thousand people flying from Brisbane to the Whitsundays had significant potential for growth in Whitsunday tourism.

He stated the potential of connecting the Whitsundays with Wellcamp Airport could make for locals living in the West of Brisbane to explore the Whitsunday.

“If we can make it easier for everyone on the Wellcamp side … we could become a more visited destination because it is easier,” Mr. Turner said.

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