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April 13, 2021 |


Hi, I’m Annette Harm from PRD Whitsunday, and I’m here this week with Helen Maund, one of the sales agents from our office.

I’ve got Helen along today because I was reading with interest yesterday lots of information from the REIQ on how well the Queensland property market performed in the last quarter last year.

They talked about the growth in the market, the price growth, and that people are on the move to Queensland, particularly regional Queensland is doing so well.

They said out of 56 local government areas there is 53 that saw increased sales figures and volumes, so positive signs.

Helen’s always out and about looking at properties. So, what’s your take on where things are at at the moment?

Helen – I think the market is doing exceptionally well. I haven’t seen this since 2007.
I had quite a bit to do with developing at that stage, and it’s coming up to the same sort of thing every 14 years.
I’ve been watching to see peaks in the market, and we’re certainly at a peak now that we have tons of buyers and don’t have enough properties. There is not enough properties, so things are selling quickly.

Helen – Properties are coming to market and can sell within a few days. We try and put something up online by Thursday or Friday, an open house by Saturday, and often have a contract by Monday.
People are cashed up and ready to buy properties.

Annette – I guess many people are talking about the market and how prices are better than they ever are, and they’re going well; maybe now’s the time to sell. Are you seeing things going for prices that you didn’t think were possible?

Helen – Absolutely. I had a property in Mandalay road remove um and I know through other agents in this town, we all had an idea of a specific price.
The actual sale price was something like 70thousand$  over what everybody expected. So it’s a perfect time to sell.

Thank you so much, Helen. We’re coming to you today from a beautiful little listing that John Harris, one of our Sales Consultants listing at 105 Maeva Street. Here we are in its fantastic outdoor area. There’s enough room here to have a very covid safe, socially distanced party with plenty of guests, that’s how large the area is.

If you are interested in any of our properties or thinking about selling? Get in touch with our team

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